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Our Founding Story

Imprint Digital is deeply rooted in the professional saga of its founders, Alex and Bobby. With each of them having over a decade of experience in the field, it certainly augurs well for them to impact the growth curve of hundreds of businesses and for the owner to realize their entrepreneurial dreams.

Their journey was not initially to set up an agency but to engage in opportunities to acquire and improve small businesses. But the very moment they leaped, a wave of requests from companies wanting their expertise in digital marketing became available. Recognizing this demand as a call to action, they formed Imprint Digital.

Work With Industry Vets

Mission and Vision


After a decade of grueling competition, high-stakes experimentation, A/B testing, research, and innovation of client-first strategies, we see opportunity in the digital marketing landscape. We intend to leave a permanent and positive mark on that landscape.


Imprint Digital’s HUNGER can only be satiated by arming businesses with digital marketing strategies that help them grow their business and focus more on what’s important: their business and their families.


At the core of its business philosophy, Imprint Digital has some core values that reverberate when dealing with customers. The business philosophy of Imprint Digital is based on specific values and personal relations that bring the customers results through integrity and open communication.

  • Relationships

    Strong connections with clients and teammates

  • Solution Driven

    No is not an option. There’s always a way. It might not be easy, and this should be communicated honestly.

  • Positive Attitude

    You are what you think. Come to work optimistic, and it will pave the way for growth.

  • Integrity

    The thing that can never be taken away.


Need More Sales? Scale Your Business with Imprint Digital!

At Imprint Digital, we aren’t just an advertising agency but a growth partner. We have the proven formula to scale your business. With over 75 years of combined experience and a proven track record, we offer a comprehensive digital marketing solution designed specifically for your industry.



Why Choose Us?

Selecting Imprint Digital means choosing a unique partner who combines over seventy-five years of combined experience and expertise with a dedication to providing quality service to their clients. This ensures every project will be handled effectively and efficiently to the client’s benefit. The company would base subtleties of digital marketing on implementing them in ways that align with its goals and aspirations.

Success Stories

The true impact of Imprint Digital’s work can only be adequately defined by the success stories and case studies presented. These success stories give testimony to how its digital marketing strategies are transforming our clients’ businesses, and the direct result of partnering with Imprint Digital shows excellent growth and achievement.

Success Stories