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CEO + Co-founder

Alex Wells

Alex Wells is a very passionate business executive - the CEO & Co-Founder of Imprint Digital, headquartered at the Forge Campus in Loveland, CO. Boasting more than 13 years of successful professional career, Alex is competent in the areas of core business—digital marketing, strategic planning, sales, account management, operations, employee and development management, training, communications, and, of course, customer service. In 2010, Alex became part of Press-One Customer Care. This is the position that he could forge a solid partnership with various publications across the US. He was able to help these entities add value to their marketing, sales, and customer services operations, cutting costs while navigating the post-2007 recession and adapting to the digital migration catalyzed by new technologies such as the iPhone. This is where, in 2015, Alex took his first insight into the world of Digital Marketing Development from working at one of the best Software as a Service (SaaS) companies globally. Starting his tenure working directly with hundreds of companies, he soon headed up a team of 45 specialists tasked to devise and implement advanced digital marketing strategies. His leadership spurred not only the growth of his team but also scaled the company's size from less than 200 employees to over 600, marking significant organizational milestones. He quickly rose to Director of Marketing, thus reconfirming his strategic acumen and visionary leadership. He is also one of the co-founders at Grit Investments, a capital investment firm that supports growth in the Northern Colorado economy. This pursuit continues his impact on the regional marketplace with a commitment to entrepreneurial excellence and economic development.

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