Some wild stats you prob didn’t know. Over the last year, Tik Tok has had more engagement than Facebook and Instagram combined. People watch more minutes on average on Tik Tok than on Netflix.

Do I have your attention 🙂

If I don’t have your attention, Tik Tok has everyone else attention!

While older networks have attempted to replicate TikTok’s appeal, neither Insta’s ‘Reels’ nor YouTube’s ‘Shorts’ have made a significant improvement to catching up with TikTok’s viewership.

TikTok appeals to people of all ages; it’s not just to teenagers (although 62 percent of users are under 30, 11 percent are over 50). It’s a creative environment with a large community of dedicated influencers and innovators. It’s also known for being (mainly) a more positive environment than other social media networks.

Pair that with the strongest algorithm in all of social media and you can see how this can supercharge your brand. What makes Tik Tok so unique is that its “For You Page” #FYP aggregates accounts you are not following and shows you their content. This creates incredible reach!

Tik Tok is where brands get creative

This is THE platform to push the limits of your brand’s creativity. Have fun, be playful and let a different side of your brand show. With how boring and stuffy some brands can be, it gives them a safe space to get experimental and creative.

The more creative you get, the more engagement your brand receives. What is fascinating too is that great Tik Tok content often leaks into other social platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Reddit, and more.

While Tik Tok is great to showcase your fun and creative side, it is also great for eCommerce. 80% of Tik Tok users have said that Tik Tok has helped them get ideas and information about brands and products they never have thought about before. Over 70% of users find ordinary content creators more interesting than celebrities.

3 Key uses of Tik Tok

While Tik Tok is a forever long feed of video posts, there are three key things brands can consider and use Tik Tok for.

  1. Influencer Marketing – Engaging with the influencer community on TikTok is an excellent way to leverage the platform. With a deep understanding of the platform, influencers can transform normal brand messages into creative and fun videos. Influencer marketing is very effective at opening your content to a new audience and boosting brand awareness.
  2. Original Content – While Tik Tok is filled with original content, you don’t need to be the originator of content that you create. Many times the best performing Tik Tok’s are the ones that follow or recreate current trends. Explore the app, top accounts, and the “explore page” and see how you can create content that aligns with your brand and Tik Tok users.
  3. Paid Advertising – While the paid ads are still fresh on Tik Tok, they allow you to create in-feed ads and to create branded hashtags, and fun video effects. We are seeing a large rise in small businesses using Tik Tok as a paid advertising funnel.

Why we love Tik Tok

With over a billion users, Tik Tok not only has engagement, but it has created an open opportunity even for brand new accounts to reach millions. Accounts with small follower amounts can generate millions of views due to the unique algorithm. Brands must be creative on Tik Tok to get reach and engagement.

We have seen some accounts with very few video views and followers, overnight generate millions.

The key is staying consistent, and not giving up.

Tik Tok is a core part of our strategy and will be moving forward.

If you would like an audit of your Tik Tok from our Creative Director Kaitlyn who has 2+ years of experience growing and managing accounts, just reach out below! We would love to help 🙂

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