Fractional CMOs are part-time marketing leaders who can step into an organization from anywhere from 5-15 hours a week and immediately impact results. Fractional CMOs bring powerful insights to brands at a small fraction of the cost compared to hiring a full-time CMO.

One of the most common questions is, when is the proper time to bring in a Fractional CMO?

Budget Constraints

Most small to medium brands have to operate efficiently with a limited or intentionally allocated budget. This is a great time to bring in a Fractional CMO. Not all brands have the luxury of bringing on a full-time marketing executive or Chief Marketing Officer. Instead having a part-time fractional CMO can allow brands to make the most of their budgets while having a leadership-oriented executive on the team to help craft marketing strategy and guide the team on the best marketing decisions.

Solving Marketing Problems

Businesses who want a new pair of eyes to assess their present marketing strategy and plans and are facing a particular difficulty can also benefit from hiring a fractional CMO. Teams might sometimes benefit from having a fresh strategist take on the company’s marketing objectives by bringing to light previously unnoticed aspects. A fractional CMO has a wide range of experiences from working with numerous clients in numerous industries, which can be useful when trying to solve problems, identify issue areas, or find insights and trends.

New Markets, Niches, or GTM (Go to Marketing Strategy)

Possibilities for expansion arise at pivotal times in a company’s history. Bringing in a temporary CMO might assist provide marketing the extra boost it needs to seize opportunities fast when the current team is not fully suited to do so. The fact that fractional CMOs frequently work on many projects at once exposes them to the newest marketing trends, tools, and platforms, which they can use to benefit their whole portfolio.

Fractional CMOs bring an incredible amount of experience, insights, and industry perspective and typically see more problems and positive outcomes than a CMO who has worked one role for 5-10 years. With broader CMO experience and background, these diverse insights can be valuable for your brand.

Bridging the Gap between Leadership

Sometimes when a marketing leader abruptly leaves a company, there is a challenge in finding the long-term desirable CMO. This common challenge makes hiring a Fractional CMO a no-brainer. Rather than leaving the marketing team high and dry without leadership and guidance, a Fractional CMO can fill the role over a few weeks or monthly until the right fit for the long term CMO role is hired.

The Takeaway

Fractional CMOs has grown in popularity rapidly over the pandemic, and while most companies need long-term marketing leadership, the Fractional CMO is an incredible fit for many brands. Gaining access to brilliant marketing talent and leadership at a fraction of the cost is a great way to maximize limited resources and get you to the next phase of growth.

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