Every organization has a unique set of challenges that it must intentionally and intelligently approach to reach the next phase of growth. With all of the buzzwords within the internet marketing and marketing space as a whole, it can be daunting to know what exactly you should do.

In this post, I am going to simplify and break down when you should consider a Digital Marketing Manager and when you should consider Fractional CMO Services.

Your business may have different goals and needs, and this piece is by no means a defacto source of truth, but it will give you a general framework to walk away with and some ideas of how you may approach solving problems in your marketing department and digital strategy for your brand. Let’s dive in.

Early Stage and Growth Stage of Business

Fractional CMO has an illustrious ring to it compared to Digital Marketing Manager. It is easy to be drawn in by a name, but what you get truly matters. For young early-stage businesses, many times you simply need to generate consistent lead flow, visibility, and growth in terms of cash flows.

Foundational things like positive reviews, organic ranking, and social media presence are great ways to establish yourself. These are the type of things that a Digital Marketing Manager can help you execute and deliver over time.

Becoming a cash flow-generating business with a positive balance sheet is a foundational piece to every business’s well-being and success. This is why having a Digital Marketing Manager is a great strategy for early-stage brands.

Established brands that are in the growth phase and have reached product market fit, or have an established lead generation strategy and sales process could benefit from a Fractional CMO service.

Fractional CMO Services bring along a deeper knowledge base and experience deriving a brand’s company charter, telling the brand’s story, establishing a brand’s voice, and being the guiding light and strategist for a broader marketing department.

A Fractional CMO can get their hands dirty and manage ads, content, and social, but often serves as the conduit of a broader strategy to a team of experts bringing all players together.

A CMO, or Chief Marketing Officer, is a senior-level marketing executive who can provide strategic direction and leadership for your marketing efforts. At Imprint Digital, we can help you find the right CMO for your business. We’ll work with you to understand your needs and objectives, and then match you with a CMO who can help you achieve your goals. Learn ways a Fractional CMO can make an impact.

Alex Wells, Imprint Digital Co-Founder/CEO

Fractional CMO as your C Level Leader

One aspect many young businesses do not need is a C Level Leader. Growth stage companies that have a middle management or leadership team would be more equipped for a Fractional CMO. Early stage companies often are a mix of founders, some key leading players and the sales and support roles.

Once a brand reaches multiple departments or teams it can become a necessary time to bring in a Fractional CMO. Leadership on the marketing side of the business can help craft sales messaging, support nurturing through email marketing, and broader alignment across the company in brand, voice, messaging, and more.

Fractional C Level leadership through a Fractional CMO is often highly desirable because hiring is a costly endeavor. Fractional CMO Services can give your brand the expertise and experience you need without the hiring costs, healthcare costs, or bonuses that often come with hiring a full-time role. Your company gets the part-time talent and strategy, without the exorbitant costs of bringing on a team member full-time.

Imprint Digital, Your Fractional CMO Team

At Imprint, we have a comprehensive and talented group of Fractional CMOs and Digital Marketers who can assist with your brand’s marketing strategy and growth. Reach out below and we can learn more and discover if we are a great fit for helping take your brand to its next level of growth.

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