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How do I market my local business?

I have run my own business since the age of 11. My father taught me what it takes to run a successful lawn care business, how to have a successful garage sale, how to sell Christmas gift wrap, and how to market myself as an individual.

Some of these childhood principles bleed directly into running a small business and it is incredible to see the impact they have made on my efforts.

I want to share some of the things I have done since I was a child, and some new tips for small businesses that do not require a ton of capital to get your small business off the ground!

Let’s dive in!

Simple ways to market your local business

  • Knocking on Doors – this tactic is neighborly, and relational, and gives you the chance to shake hands, smile, and share a flier with your neighborhood. Typically if neighbors say no to signing up for a reoccurring service or paying for one-off tasks, you can offer to do a job for free in turn for a review! This is a great way to get some customer testimonials and reviews off the ground for your business.
  • Local Reviews – I always had local customer testimonials of neighbors when walking door to door, which impacts decision-making! Nowadays people use Google, Yelp, BBB, and more for local reviews. Many small businesses use the excuse “I am too busy to get reviews” and they sleep on the fact that it will not always be busy, and you need to prepare for the future if the lead flow slows down, or you desire to hire an employee to help assist!
  • Craigslist – Craigslist is a multibillion-dollar company, people still use it often believe it or not. You can post your service or job on here to pick up extra work and meet new clients. Craigslist can be strict about posting your website, but once you do the work, you can often funnel people to your website or ask for a review, or to follow you on social!
  • Content Writing – in our ultimate guide of how to market with $0 I broke down how content is foundational for a brand and website. Content is also great to share on social media to showcase your business is staying present online and up to date! The easiest thing to write about is the things you know best! The most common questions people have. What do people misunderstand about your product or service? How should something be done best?
  • Instagram / Facebook – if you do not want to use a business page to start (this is common) you can always showcase and talk about your business on social media under your personal page! While a business page is definitely advised, I have friends who kick-started their business just with their personal social page and started off with a bang and they could not take any more work! There is a saying “your network, is your net worth”. Leverage it!

Other digital marketing tools for small business

As I shared above I did a massive breakdown of how you can market your business with $0. If you are capable of using a computer, and know-how to interact with Google and search engines to find answers, this is your best bet.

Things are rough out there. The economy is contracting, small businesses are getting the short end of the stick, and we need all the tools and tips we can get. That is where we help. We aim to bring fair pricing, with zero contracts, and the smartest working team in the business.

If you need help hiring a marketing team for content writing, paid ads, or getting your first web design done. We are here to help! Just reach out below.