The digital marketing world has been flipped on its head. Digital marketing agencies of yesteryear are struggling to keep up with trends and the attention span of users is quickly turning to the most entertaining and engaging brands.

Social media has made it to where the most entertaining and relatable brands are the winners.

Years ago, advertising agencies would create TV ad placements that are well thought out and planned, and they had lots of time to create!

The timeline has shifted, and brands no longer have months to plan. Marketing strategy and response to current events and current trends have lowered that execution time to hours.

The old marketing agency

Years ago brands would gameplan for months. There was a lack of tangible real-time data prior to the internet and social media. Decisions were driven by real-life focus groups, polls, and mailouts. Consumers were loyal to the big brands they simply knew and have seen before.

We have moved from radio, television, and magazines into a more fragmented model. Now media is everywhere. Legacy marketing agencies that make laggard decisions are getting left behind and are completely losing the attention of consumers.

One-stop-shop advertising agencies were a thing of the 1800s and 1900s. At this time in history agencies were truly focused on the top of the funnel. This was primarily about creating awareness and consideration.

A screenshot below of what I mean.

Modern Digital Marketing and Branding Agencies

The power distribution has shifted from legacy institutions to their digital counterparts. No longer do 1-2 placements reach the masses. The fragmentation of how media is consumed has completely changed how marketing is done.

Search and social platforms have created near-unlimited reach. Consumers can purchase nearly anything at any time. Thanks to such targeted reach brands can become super niche which has led to the rise of the direct-to-consumer models which are competing with bigger brands.

Premium design is now a standard. Even the smallest brands can have a luxury design and feel. Custom product design, photography, videography, and quality creative direction are more abundant than ever.

Personalized content wins.

If you have used the internet at all you have seen the well-styled and personalized content that always seems to find you.

While digital marketing will be cutting back on pixel tracking into 2023, organic social content is on the rise and its reach is getting better by the day.

Performance and Optimization are daily.

Marketing campaigns of yesteryear could run for 3-6+ months. With digital and social reach like we have with Facebook, Instagram, and Tik Tok campaigns can be optimized and changed daily based on user response.

Digital agencies now are standardly a/b testing everything, tracking all ads, analyzing niche customer groups, and using real-time data to drive faster and better decision-making.

The best brands move quickly.

Without a strategic plan to respond to consumer sentiment and acting responsively to the needs of your core audiences or niche, you will be replaced with a better storytelling brand that resonates and connects with consumers.

Consumers are advertisers

With the rise of platforms like Youtube, Instagram, and Tik Tok we are seeing consumers more than ever, influence purchasing behavior.

First, consumer reviews and consumer affirmation of brands from influencers or respected individuals is a massive trust builder. (This is basically digital word of mouth).

This also lends itself to the idea that brands MUST be where consumers are. Brands must be present on the social platforms that influence buying and decision-making.

This is how your brand can win!

The takeaway

The 3-6 month game plan for marketing is dying. Brands that respond in real-time to consumer needs, niche consumer data, and to social and societal trends are the winners of today and the future.

Your brand must develop a customer-centric strategy that entertains while being the advertisement all brands need.

At Imprint Digital we help craft tailored and intentionally niche marketing campaigns for brands that understand this competitive landscape shift is underway. We would love a chance to work with you. Reach out below.

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