The crypto space is filled with people motivated to earn as many dollars as possible. After all VC $ is chasing the next thing as if Blockchains are groundbreaking. People tend to follow the money, which leads to marketing teams wanting to focus on web3, nft’s, and all the other noise.

We believe in the motto, fix the money, fix the world. The incentives are aligned so that people are attracted to these altcoin projects, while that doesn’t diminish Bitcoin or its value proposition it does distract people from the true innovation.

Imprint Fixes This

This shortage of quality Bitcoin marketing agencies, consultants, and strategists led me to create a solution that would bring value to the specific needs of Bitcoin companies and startups. By building an incredibly high-quality team of content creators, social managers, and PR and event managers, we are able to serve Bitcoin by helping top signal brands create awareness.

Over the last few months, I have gathered that Founders and growing brands are in a tough place finding individuals who deeply understand Bitcoin but also have diverse marketing prowess. These early-stage and growth companies do not have a need for an entire marketing team. They need to hire engineers and technical leads. This is where we come in.

By crafting unique and custom strategies for each business, and bringing on a marketing leader who can manage holistically on a part-time level, brands can now have a marketing expert in their corner to help navigate all aspects of awareness and inbound marketing strategy.

Creating awareness for an early-stage product can be hard. Bitcoin venture investing is ramping up fast and it is more important than ever to establish a brand presence and to have a real bitcoiner in your corner to support your marketing efforts.

I am Alex Wells, the CEO of Imprint Digital, and I would love to help serve your brand in achieving its mission. We believe that Bitcoin will transform the world and know that reaching the next billion people is a goal of everyone in our nascent industry.

We are here to do our part by helping create awareness and increase adoption. By partnering with Imprint you receive not only marketing expertise but high-quality committed Bitcoiners who are on a mission to orange pill the world.

I look forward to hearing from you.

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