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Generate a high-quality paid ad funnel with Google Ads which delivers consistent leads and the ability for your brand to create incredible and measurable growth. Get a free audit of your Google account or a strategy from our Ad Specialists.

Google Ads Management

the Most Effective Paid Advertising for Local and eCommerce Businesses

Imprint Digital provides a tailored Google Paid Ads strategy that delivers an incredible experience for consumers in the market for your product or service. You will receive a customized Google Campaign structure, ad groups, and keyword-targeted strategy that will quickly identify and measure what will create your brand reoccurring and qualified leads. Our Ad Strategists have over 30 years of experience. Get insights from campaign managers who have monitored and managed over $25 million in ad spend.

Get the most from your Google Paid Ads

Your ads manager and partner should be able to give you transparent insights and full ownership of your accounts. We make sure you have a clear understanding of what makes your brand successful with Google Ads and inbound marketing. More importantly, we coordinate your Google maps and organic ranking SEO strategy so that you get the lowest cost per click (CPC) and lowest priced cost per acquisition (CPA). It is important that all channels work together to save your money and generating the most lead flow.


Text Ads

Google Text Ads are a powerhouse tool for a brand to generate low-cost and effective leads that translate quickly into revenue. This requires a clear and well-structured paid ads funnel. A quality account will be structured with clear campaigns, ad groups, and keywords that break down in a transparent way which products and services are generating the best leads and greatest profitability for your business. We will provide a complimentary audit at your request.

Google Shopping Ads are the best way to showcase your e-commerce store's products in a low cost and effective way. With a well-optimized Google Merchant Center, a proper bid strategy, high-quality images, and unique descriptions you can compete with the biggest brands in the marketplace. You will also receive a competitive landscape audit to learn if your pricing, shipping, and website experience is up to par to ensure the best results and impact for your spend.

Retargeting highly engaged users who are the most interested and qualified to purchase your product or service is one of the greatest ways to achieve a low cost per lead. We have seen cases where retargeting ads can make up 15-25% of total revenue due to ensuring max visibility to consumers. Create sales opportunities for the most qualified shoppers with a well-planned Google retargeting ads strategy from Imprint Digital. Get a free strategy plan today.

Video is the most compelling and engaging ad format in the world. Video is also the backbone of telling your brand's story in a way that is memorable to users. With short bumper ads and long-form videos, you can have a sales funnel that creates great engagement and memories in consumers' minds about your brand and offering. Get a storytelling and branding audit with a video strategy from our team and learn how Youtube Ads can help your brand.

Display Ads are an incredible way to get in front of users who are in the market for your product or service but have not engaged with your brand. Google Ads gives you the ability to display image, animated, and video ads across billions of places across the internet. Google Display Ads are great because you can target specific devices, websites, youtube channels, and screen types. Learn more!

Google Paid Ads = Consistent Lead Flow


Find Your Audience

Google Paid Advertising is an incredible way to ensure you are in front of the highest quality customers at the moment they most need you. Build campaigns for early in the funnel (research) or late in the funnel (ready to buy) and craft a strategy that best serves your customers and your brand. Google Ads Management gives you the option to choose when you show, on what devices, and more. Generate high-quality leads at an incredible cost to increase your revenue.


Strong Presence when needed

The web has a massive reach. You can't be everywhere at once, but you can be where your customers are when they need your solutions the most. Google provides the best search engine experience in the world and is the defacto source for a consumer needed a fast answer or a speedy local or ecomm solution. Get placement where the most engagement online happens.


Lower cost Per Lead

Google Ads gives your marketer control to optimize and create a sales funnel where there is control on leads per product or service. Better manage your lead generation and forecast your businesses growth for the month with a highly targeted Google Paid campaign that improves over time with our dedicated account management team. As the advertising world dynamically changes, leverage a team that will keep your business up to speed and successful.

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Just Getting Started:

  • Full Ads Management

  • Ad Creation

  • A/B Testing

  • Full sales funnel setup

  • This management package is geared towards up to $3000 ad spend per month.

Climbing The Mountain:

  • Full Ads Management

  • Ad Creation

  • A/B Testing

  • Full sales funnel setup

  • This management package is geared towards $3000-$5000 ad spend per month.

The Summit

  • Full Ads Management

  • Ad Creation

  • A/B Testing

  • Full sales funnel setup

  • This management package is geared towards $5000-$15,000 ad spend per month.

Thanksgiving Dinner:

of Ad Spend

  • Full Ads Management

  • Ad Creation

  • A/B Testing

  • Full sales funnel setup

  • This management package is geared towards $15,000 and up ad spend per month.

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