tiktok marketing

Advertising has become Entertainment

By Bobby Shell / May 19, 2022

Distribution and power of media has moved from large institutions to the fast and responsive digital leaders. Targeted reach, niche content, personalized content wins. Learn more.

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Building a world-class brand with organic social content

By Bobby Shell / May 16, 2022

Your brand and the story it tells is far more compelling than a low price, free shipping, or great customer service. Your brand gives people a feeling, it reminds them of something, it is a chance to tap into the core of their needs as a human.

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How small businesses are using Tik Tok

By Bobby Shell / April 25, 2022

TikTok is giving small businesses an outlet to create fun and creative content to connect with their core market. Learn more about why TikTok matters and should be in your marketing strategy.

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