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Twitter is the most underrated social channel in the world. As the town hall of the internet, Twitter contains all of the latest news, freshest conversations, and the most compelling thoughts from the greatest minds. Position yourself and your brand as the leader in your space. Generate leads, raise capital, and level up your brand. Get a Free Strategy Call!

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Effective Twitter STrategies that create sales and growth opportunity

Twitter has incredible reach to some of the greatest minds in the world. Twitter also creates an opportunity for your brand to tell its story in a unique way. In our Ultimate Marketing Guide which helps you generate leads with $0, we cover some of the best ways to create Twitter content with high-quality written threads. Build a personal brand, or leverage Twitter as a tool to express your brand's values, views, and mission with memes and highly relatable tweets that connect with your core audience.

Get the Best Results on Twitter with...

If we can be honest, Twitter onboarding upon joining the app is not great. The app immediately recommends following large accounts or media companies and does not recommend actually talented content creators who use the Twitter platform in the best ways. By learning how to use Twitter and modeling after some of the best content creators on the web, you can create compelling content that will transform your personal brand and your business as a whole. Learn more about Twitter strategy below.


Thread Content

Twitter limits accounts to 280 characters per tweet, but that does not stop content creators from creating longer-form content.

Great accounts still create long-form threads that consist of multiple tweets in one long form message. This is a great way to break down content that would normally be in a blog or video and make it digestible for Twitter. This content gets shared often if done well!

Memes are the greatest marketing tool in the world to connect with an internet generation. Brands leverage memes all the time to tell their story in a quick, concise, and fun way. Memes are relatable and give brands an opportunity to connect with the minds of consumers in a quick fashion that resonates with one of our deepest human desires.

Laughing and enjoying comedy. Be memorable!

Twitter calls this a "reply guy" and it is an incredible way to create visibility for your Twitter account and to connect with people who feel the same way you do!

Replying and adding value, thoughts and comments can provide insights to other Twitter users and create a following for your personal account or brand account. Just another tool in the toolbelt for growth!

Video content is always a great way to diversify your content. Twitter allows for video and live video streaming content. Leverage the video formats Twitter makes available to users to showcase your video marketing or to educate about your industry, business, or areas of expertise.

Video can be a great way to express and connect with a global audience about current events.

GIFs are one of the best ways to reply without actually having to use text. A perfectly timed GIF can make your page or brand visible to hundreds of thousands of users.

Use GIFs on original posts or when replying to others. Even mix GIFs up in your threaded content to create laughs and breaks in between the text.

Twitter MArketing For the win!


Twitter is Town Hall

Twitter is an incredible way to get broader eyes on your brand than those who actively search you out. Take advantage of others' following and leverage Twitter's "Town Hall" experience to connect with a broader audience which can provide backlinks, engagement, and visibility for your brand in the marketplace.

Craft a unique strategy and you can see incredible results on a local, national or global level!


Differentiate Yourself

If you are a differentiated brand and you are not selling the same boring typical product or service, or if you have crafted a quality brand mission or values, Twitter is for you.

Boring brands don't last in today's market, people want to connect with companies they do business with, and it is about more than low prices and free shipping. Story matters and your message can make an impact.


Close the gap

Many brands are present on Facebook, Instagram, and common social channels. With Twitter, you can connect with people in a more intimate way. A real-time conversation about the more real-time up-to-date topics in the world. Twitter is often ahead of the news, Reddit, Facebook, and all other channels.

Be present, add value, create and reply with a brand or personal strategy and grow your reach.

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