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Build brand awareness on Linkedin and set yourself apart on the most professional social network in the world. Showcase your employees, great customer experiences, and more to generate awareness and lead flow for your brand.

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Build Relationships with with a Linkedin Marketing Strategy

Linkedin gives brands an opportunity to increase professional reach with automation tools and more. Employee engagement is a phenomenal way to bring in referral business for your brand. With high-quality images and video and buy-in from your team, you can create a powerful referral business funnel and differentiate your brand from the rest. Linkedin can be up to 80% of a business's B2B lead flow if done properly. Make sure you are present on Linkedin to maximize your brand's visibility and lead flow.

Do not miss a beat when it Comes to Linkedin Marketing

Having a well-optimized Linkedin page and social strategy is a great way to increase your organic reach and impressions. This is impactful for small businesses and large organizations alike. Consistency in social strategy that excites employees to share, and encourages your network to follow can lead to massive growing reach. With a repurposing strategy, you can leverage content from other channels to make Linkedin feel differentiated from your other social strategy. Learn more below.


Optimized POsts

Approach each post with intention and purpose. Well, optimized posts can have massive reach and lead to thousands of impressions. High-quality content leads to high-quality engagement, visibility, and lead flow.

Generate new business, better job candidates, and increase employee retention with a diligent social strategy on Linkedin. Learn more. from our team at Imprint Digital on how we can help.

Every brand should be sharing thought leadership about your industry, business, and the future of commerce. Too many businesses are just doing business to do business.

Being a thought leader with a purpose leads to larger mindshare in the market and trust with your core audience. Do not sleep on being a thought leader. Craft a well-thought-out strategy and lead in your sector!

Networking and creating visibility for your brand can influence all aspects of your business. Some of our clients leverage Linkedin to increase their personal reach and their business. The results lead to higher quality leads or customers in their funnel. Another outcome is having a group that is your word of mouth team. Through great networking, we have found some of our most reliable partners and business cohorts.

With greater brand visibility comes better job applicants. Showcase your brand's culture, your leadership team, and your client's stories and create more visibility which in turn attracts top talent.

A strong brand presence with the engagement of current employees showcases the culture of your organization. Leverage this long-term strategy to create a stronger brand.

Linkedin is a phenomenal way to show your teams wins. As people, we have a desire to be seen, heard, and appreciated. One of the best things you can do is to acknowledge effort and results. Show love to your team and your team will love you back. The story is everything, and your people tell your story the best. Be intentional with your employee visibility and shower them with praise when applicable.

Position your Brand as the Industry Leader with LInkedin Marketing


Establish Authority

Linkedin is the most important professional network in the world right now. Use Linkedin as a way to showcase your brand as the industry leader. You can reach C-Level executives, VP leadership, middle management, and entry-level talent. No matter your business's focus or goals, you can create opportunity or value and brand growth with Linkedin. At Imprint, we implement best practices and strategies to help brands establish authority and become the industry leader.


Expand Reach

Increase your reach to the global professional world with Linkedin. The greatest way to tell your story is with compelling video and imagery that represents your values, mission, and purpose.

Provide clarity and maximize your visibility to professionals who are in the market to use your product or services, or who can refer you new business. Establish professional legitimacy with a Linkedin marketing strategy.



Connect the dots with other professionals and gain the mental real estate in minds of business influencers and leaders. An engaging and compelling Linkedin strategy can lead to a pipeline of referrals and invaluable reach to other professionals and potential customers.

Develop intentional relationships and get higher quality leads and potential employees.

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