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Linkedin is far more than a professional network. It is an incredible place where brands can share their story, and create awareness about their mission. Linkedin is a powerful tool to create thought leadership content, video, and more, learn what it can do for your business.

Linkedin Ads Management

Brand storytelling with Paid Linkedin Ad Management.

Linkedin offers a way to connect with professionals and decision-makers. With Linkedin Paid ads you can more effectively share your brand's story, case studies, value, and more. With modern video editing and voice-over capabilities, you can share consistent content that positions you as the leader in your space. Create awareness, put your brand in the top consideration spot, and convert customers to actual leads and sales for your brand. Get a creative Linkedin Ads strategy from our experts with a free audit or brand consultation.

Your Opportunistic B2B Sales Funnel

If you are a B2B brand, you can not ignore Linkedin. Telling your brand's story and sharing a captivating message on the leading professional network can lead to incredible awareness and curiosity about your business offering. We have found incredible success and engagement with our brand and other brands through Linkedin. Decision-makers in the professional care more about why you do what you do, compared to what you do. Make sure you express your why in the right way.

Niche High Quality Visibility

Over the last decade, marketers have become obsessive with attribution. Meaning, how conversions are tracked and what click leads to a sale. We are in a complex world where it is hard to track exactly where sales come from and it is not always accurate as to what pixels reflect. Someone could have seen multiple videos, and an ad, then had a conversation with a team member and it turns into a sale. One thing is certain is that getting visibility across the proper channels and in front of your target audience is important when it comes to building trust and being front of mind with consumers. Linkedin offers incredible opportunities for exactly this. Learn more and get a free Linkedin Ad Strategy Call from one of our Marketing Experts.

Digital Marketing Guru's who Know Linkedin Ads Management

Modern advertising is more than simply posting an ad and saying you have the solution. People must understand your brand's purpose and mission. The buy-in and trust demand are higher than ever. The importance of quality creativite and targeting is necessary. Learn how Imprint can elevate your Linkedin Advertising.

Linkedin ads to increase lifetime value.


Linkedin Engagement

Building quality engagement on Linkedin can massively increase visibility and reach. Our team will help your brand create compelling content that creates engagement, improves reach, and leads to long-term scalability. With Linkedin Advertising, you can stand out among other B2B offerings and build a deeper layer of trust and mindshare. More than just a lead funnel, Linkedin serves brands and offers a solution that gets you in front of key decision-makers and business leaders.


Linkedin's Vital Role

Every social channel has a specific role in your holistic marketing strategy. Linkedin is an incredible tool for telling your brand's story, making connections with a higher-up, and decision-makers, and telling the story of what differentiates you.

While many businesses sleep on and ignore Linkedin, many brands are taking advantage of the massive opportunity Linkedin brings. Marketing, if done right, creates massive results. Learn more.


Creating B2B Success

Create awareness with potential clients who are in the market for your service, target core leaders, and position your organization in a tactful and strategic way that leads to industry authority. Linkedin has a special place in every business's arsenal as a way to reach over 800 million professionals and over 45% of users log in once a month. With a potential 33% increase in purchase intent, Linkedin presents a massive opportunity for businesses simply by being visible.

Linkedin = Leads and Talent Acquisition.


The B2B Town Hall

Many people are Linkedin skeptics, and rightfully so. Other social platforms are more crafted for addictive tendencies and uses, but Linkedin provides more information and value, especially for professional individuals. Linkedin Ad placements extend an opportunity for businesses to share thought leadership, cutting-edge news, key updates, company culture insights, and core organizational updates that impact key customers and outside professionals.


Establish your brand on Linkedin Properly

Introduce to your potential customers and professional target market memory of your brand. Not only can Linkedin be powerful for B2B leads and connections, Linkedin also can position your brand so that you attract the top talent and best employees for your growing brand.

Create a business culture strategy on Linkedin and bring in talent and lead flow for your business.


Culture Can Create Legacies

Linkedin being a leading tool for hiring and talent acquisition can obviously bring you, incredible team members. But consider this. Those team members are the ones that lead to customer experience outcomes, which lead to reviews and reputation, which then define your brand, egardless of what you try to say in your marketing. Create the culture for your business that defines your sales, marketing, and product.

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