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2/3 of Facebook users globally say that they visit the Page of a local business at least once a week! You can increase awareness for your business with a Facebook Marketing Strategy. Imprint will help you build an active and engaged audience for your business. Learn more below.

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Providing custom tailored Facebook Marketing Strategies

Imprint Digital provides a robust Facebook Marketing Strategy and approaches for small businesses and eCommerce companies. With over 30 years of experience in managing Facebook for brands, and Facebook advertising we know what creates success, and what is a dud! Connect with your audience in an authentic and genuine way. Break away from the robotic business feel that so many competitors have and craft a strategy that is unique and relatable to your core customer and audince. Talk with Imprint today!

Giving You The Most Out Of Your Facebook Marketing

Facebook has an incredible amount of growth opportunity, available data, and the largest reach in the world for social networks. Learn more about some of the approaches and steps for Facebook Marketing below. If you are an established or brand new organization we can help you strategize to formulate a memorable and highly effective Facebook Marketing campaign.


Create Awareness

Consumers use Facebook to learn more about local brands and eCommerce stores alike. Your Businesses Feed plays a vital role in creating awareness with qualified customers who are in the consideration and purchasing processes.

Do not be the brand that gets scrolled past for being boring and irrelevant. Craft a relatable strategy! Effective awareness campaigns lead to results!

Video is the most powerful digital medium in the world right now. Images are still effective and can be used to tell a story or quickly catch the eyes and mind of a consumer.

Imprint will help you craft the right organic and natural feel of content for your brand. Consumers are more discerning than ever. Your content has to tell a story and not just be more noise in their feed.

Conversion funnels go something like this:

Awareness -> Interest -> Desire -> Action!

Do you have a brand story? Do you know your value proposition? (It is not low prices, great customer service, or free shipping)

Every brand has a story that tugs at the heart strings. Make sure to tell yours in the best way!

This is the most important of all! It is not all about you, it is all about how your brand serves the greater need of the community and audience who buys from you. Nearly all services and products can be commoditized.

Make sure to express why you are motivated to do what you do. It is more than the product or service, it is about the heart behind the brand!

As people, we all long for connection. With family, with friends, with brands. In the marketplace, you must resonate with the heart of your potential customers. There are far to many people that are in business just to make a buck. People want and demand a business they can trust for generations. Build a brand that serves that deep need that we all have. Tell that story! And resonate with your target audience.

Facebook Sales Funnels

Get a custom-crafted Facebook Sales funnel that closes deals and reels in your target audience. Compelling story, great funnels, and wonderful customer experience creates raving fans!

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Grow your business with tailored Facebook Marketing

Life is too short to settle for lackluster marketing and growth for your business. Reach out to our team and learn how we can help you achieve your business goals. And most importantly, connect with your customers and build trust.

Facebook Content that Compells ACtion



Too many businesses are boring with no personality. Our attention spans demand engaging content!

There are so many incredible cases you can model after for your business to create success. Do not recreate the wheel, do what works, and engage with your customers where they are. Facebook is a powerful tool that connects your business with the majority of internet users. Take advantage today!



Facebook gives you an opportunity to share an authentic message from your brand to individuals and their networks. Word of mouth is the strongest marketing tool there is. Leverage Facebook and reach your potential customer's friends and families with your value proposition.

We will help articulate your story and create content that aligns with your mission and your client's needs. Stand out in the marketplace!



Cultural relevance is becoming more important in marketing by the day. Marketing is about the product and service, but what is truly important is aligning with the heart and minds of your consumers.

Create relevant content and resonate in the mind of your target market and consumers

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of Ad Spend

  • Full Ads Management

  • Ad Creation

  • A/B Testing

  • Full sales funnel setup

  • This management package is geared towards $15,000 and up ad spend per month.

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