How often do you use Google Maps or another tool to base a buying decision? I used Door Dash last week and verified quality reviews of a restaurant last week before I went and got takeout! Reviews make or break your business.

I want to break down 5 reasons why you MUST have reviews as a small business. Reviews that lock in trust and truth with consumers that you are the defacto best choice for them to use. Let’s dive into the 5 reasons for local reviews.

Local Reviews make you discoverable

After working with over 1,9000 small businesses in our careers. The biggest opportunity we see for brand new and established businesses is generating local reviews. 

If you are a new business, reviews get you listed organically in the Google map pack at zero cost. These reviews also help jumpstart your SEO for your business according to moz.

Established businesses also can see incredible results from consistent reviews. Not only do reviews help improve your SEO, but show that you are constantly delivering great experiences for your customers. This builds lots of trust in the market.

Reviews drive decision making

Customers do not look at reviews because stars are cute and they like reading novels (even though some bad reviews are comical), but reviews tell a story about the experience that a brand offers. Consumers want to see a great experience, consistency, and other things like good pricing, and a kind team behind the brand.

Companies that do a great job at the above tend to get chosen. And the more you can showcase the unique experience you offer to potential leads, the more customers you get, and in turn, more reviews!

87% of Consumers Now Read Online Reviews for Local Businesses – Small Biz Trends

Local Reviews Show Intentionality

Many small businesses just operate based on word of mouth. Some businesses do not care to generate reviews, create content, and share updates on social. This gives you a massive edge as a small business.

By taking an intentional approach and curating reviews, you establish yourself as a trusted local leader and show that you care about your future customer’s experience with your brand! 

Reviews basically show what the cultural standard for your company is. Quality reviews tell everyone in your community that your business operates at a high standard and is setting the bar high. It all comes down to trust!

Reviews are the ultimate word of mouth

Reviews do not only have to be on Google Maps, Yelp, Doordash, or Facebook. Some reviews can be shared within the newsfeed of social channels, or even on youtube channels! People love creating video content nowadays and it is easier than ever with our phones.

If you can give customers such a radical experience that they feel compelled to share about their experience in their personal social feed, or to create a video, this can go a VERY long way! 

Unique reviews like this get you in front of hundreds and sometimes thousands of people. Many small businesses lack processes, sales training, and customer services expertise. If you can give a wonderful experience and make a memorable impact, you can earn some of these tailored review responses from your customers.

Local Reviews are social proof

How often do you travel? If you have one family vacation a year or you travel year-round for work, one thing is certain. You likely use local reviews as a decision-making tool before choosing a place for dinner or lunch.

If you move to a new area and you know no one, you are likely to trust past customers and leverage their experiences as social proof to make a decision as to what service provider or products you will purchase. 

Reviews are the ultimate social proof. While word of mouth is often done in a friend-to-friend way or within the family, reviews are a global tool used as social proof. You can go anywhere in the world and look at reviews to verify that you will have a good experience. 

We are a bit spoiled in that way, aren’t we? We can simply Google where the best food in the world is and set it on our calendar to check out someday 🙂 

There you have it!

I hope this gives you clarity and truly makes you passionate about generating reviews for your business! At Imprint Digital we are passionate about helping entrepreneurs and business owners grow their brands and presence online. If we can help you get started with your local review presence or digital marketing, please schedule a call or email reach out, and let us know!