A fractional marketing team focuses on the areas of your organization where assistance is needed. Depending on the needs of the company, they can serve as a whole marketing department or concentrate on just a few areas, such as site development, creative, GTM (go to market), social strategy, paid, content, and more.

These fractional teams’ job is to close any holes in your company’s operations. Imagine having a qualified team of professionals at your disposal, but just needing to pay for particular tasks or hours completed. This means that you may have a whole marketing team at your disposal for a “fraction” of the price of hiring someone full- or even part-time.

Why hire a fractional team?

Fractional Marketing teams do a great job at coming into fill] the gaps in the areas that your current marketing team can not take care of. Many organizations have a key player who is strong in one area. Maybe paid, social, or content. When you enable a fractional marketing team to take over the other pieces of the strategy, you can build a stronger more holistic marketing strategy that elevates your brand.

Fractional teams cost far less than a full-time team and often can bring more value because the fractional marketing team is built from industry experts who have years of experience across many business types and problems that need to be solved. 

You can improve overall business performance by using a fractional workforce wherever your department is having difficulty. Need someone with social content experience? Or perhaps all you’re doing is seeking for a team to curate some content for your site. If you need a fractional marketing team, you can hire them and only pay for the time they spend on the tasks they are assigned. This saves the organization money and rewards the fractional team for their specific talents.

When do you need a fractional marketing team?

Many organizations have someone who leads the marketing department, but rarely have dedicated experts in key seats that meet the specific area of the growth the organization needs at different phases of business growth. 

Does your brand have one person focused fully on content creation, or social media? Or are you lacking the key marketing leader who needs to steer the ship and sit next to executive team members to help guide decision-making from the branding, story, and marketing execution side?

If marketing tactics are developed on the spot without expertise or investigation, they typically won’t be successful. You won’t receive the engagement you seek if your team is continually pulling things together at the last minute or is more reactive than proactive. It also doesn’t assist when several people are working on the marketing strategy without a single leader in charge or assigning the necessary tasks to them.

Key Benefits of Fractional Marketing Teams

Fractional Marketing teams have incredible insights, industry experience, and a capability to bring value rapidly to nearly any business. Onboarding new employees can be a headache. When it comes to fractional teams, you have zero onboarding and training costs compared to legacy hires, and your new fractional marketing team members can jump directly into strategy and marketing for the brand.

Nearly every business can improve its marketing department with a fractional marketer. Fill the gaps of where your business is lacking and start to make a positive impact and move into the areas where you need to grow.
If you could use help with a fractional marketing team, or a key leadership player as a Fractional CMO, reach out. We would be happy to help!