Fractional marketing is a fast-growing demand and need for brands who want to outsource a small part, or fraction, of their marketing department. Outsourcing things like design, content writing, and development have been quite common for some time, but it is becoming much more popular to outsource and hire a fractional chief marketing officer (CMO).

There are tremendous cost savings and a reduction in turnover thanks to fractional marketing services that bring key team members into highly valued and ROI-driving roles:

  • Fractional CMOs are desired because they can fill the role of leadership of the internal and external teams, they can handle hiring, and bring autonomy and synergy across the entire marketing department. This should translate into a better sales experience as well as impact ROI.
  • Fractional Content Writers – Industry expertise in writers can be hard to come by. When hiring a fractional content writer, you can hire a veteran writer and content creator for only a few hours a week who can make the biggest impact on your brand. Content is foundational to marketing strategy. Fractional content writers not only can write, but they are also experts at SEO and optimizing your site for the best search engine experience.
  • Fractional Growth Marketing Manager – If your brand is in a place where you do not need a chief marketing officer, (CMO) to manage the entire marketing team, but you need a gritty, creative and impactful marketer who can get you to the next phase of growth a fractional growth marketing manager is for you. Growth marketers help you brand optimize for whatever key metrics matter typically working from top of the funnel to the retention of customers.

Fractional marketers do a great job of bringing insights that add value and get executive leadership to think differently. These team members bring priceless insights and perspectives that are uncommon and hard to find in a traditional hire.

Rarely can one Marketer do it all

The turnover in the role of a CMO is one of the highest of all executives. Currently, the CMO role is rarely filled with someone who can wear every single hat in the marketing stack as marketing has gotten so complex and diverse. Some marketers are great at inbound strategy, some branding, others the go-to-market (GTM) strategy.

Brands most often love hiring fractional CMOs because they can bring in a marketing expert in the area they specifically need. Many organizations have to change strategy, reposition, or pivot their approach, and having the option to find the right marketer who is an expert in the key area of focus the brand needs is an invaluable resource!

Fractional CMOs bring diverse experience and knowledge

All marketing teams need leadership. Teams need a framework and direction to not go off course. Hiring a Fractional CMO is imperative for planning, strategy, and execution. The demand for this level of expertise is at an all-time high. Businesses need results but at a fraction of the cost.

If you don’t have the budget for a full-time CMO you can hire a fractional chief marketing officer (CMO). This is the most impactful way to bring in a marketing professional who has years of experience and is passionate about expanding their knowledge and problem-solving skills rapidly.

Typically fractional CMOs are handling multiple marketing teams at a time because each role does not demand full-time effort. Things bring incredible problem-solving and marketing solutions to the table which is valuable for any organization working to improve marketing strategy and execution. This diversification gives them an advantage over the type of person who chooses to stay at one company.

The Takeaway about hiring a fractional marketer

When vetting to fill a fractional CMO, fractional content writer, or fractional growth marketer you want to be sure to bring in professionals who have the strategic mindset and leadership ability to bring a new perspective. Delivering an ROI and providing a clear roadmap and process to success is also most important.

Imprint Digital helps brands find fractional chief marketing officers (CMOs), content writers, and growth marketers who can fit the specific need of the organization in their time of need. We would be thrilled to help you solve whatever problem you face. Reach out below. We look forward to chatting.

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