There are many things in life that are challenging to backtrack on. One common bad decision for businesses is to stop marketing and then lose the lead flow, which can lead to unsustainable sales. Our nation’s leadership is choosing to change the definition of what a recession is as we enter what is historically known as a recession!

We can all standby quietly to see how this pans out for us, but it doesn’t really sit well to know we are ignoring the facts about what is going on economically.

So as small business owners, what do we do?

What resources do we have at our disposal to sustain business and put food on the table?

Getting frugal

If you are anything like me, you are a frugal, rational decision maker who wants to make the most intelligent decision that will help get my family through any upcoming turmoil, unexpected or not.

I have managed my own eCommerce stores, eBay stores, lawn care companies, and more since the age of 11. Even though I was in high school during the 08 collapses, I could still feel the pain for my lawn care business and wish I had made better decision making for my lead flow and marketing.

The best marketing decision in 2022

As brands are speeding up layoffs and slowing down hiring, we are at a common crossroads… What to do with the marketing budget and marketing roles?

This is where Fractional CMO services come into play. One common gut reaction for businesses is to drastically cut back on marketing. Luckily we live in a digitally native world and now have incredible offerings like a Fractional CMO which can give brands part-time executive leadership and execution on the marketing side of the fence without the heavy burden of price or commitment.

Hiring a team of high-quality and talented marketers, designers, developers, and content writers (along with other roles, even simply part-time) can cost anywhere from 110-400k yearly.

Fractional marketing services absolutely disrupt the classic model of how marketing is done. No longer do you need to deal with the headaches of hiring, training, sick employees, or juggling the quality of multiple departments.

Fractional CMO services extend an executive professional and team to small businesses that are in need.

You can’t backtrack bad decisions quickly enough

As a business owner of 24 years, I have seen the pains that SMBs and growth stage companies go through during economic contractions or downtimes of growth in America.

The smartest decision is to stay frugal and to NOT QUIT on what sustains a business.

If you are at this tough crossroads of decision-making on what to do for your business. Give us a call. We are happy to help and walk through what options and solutions we can provide at a fair price point that helps deliver your business.

Those who are relentless are those who succeed.

Those who are relentless are those who succeed.

Give us a shout. We are here to help. Be blessed.

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