Our marketing team has served the Northern Colorado region for over a decade! While Imprint Digital is a newly established marketing agency that is 1+ years old, our team has come together from across the Northern Colorado (NoCo) region to put together a boutique and unique experience for our clients.

Marketing global brands

Our team has proudly served clients across the United States, Canada, Australia, and Europe. With a long track record of experience marketing globally we bring perspective and experience that gives a unique insight into how consumers think and make decisions online.

Our focus has always been on SMBs, eCommerce, and startup and growth-stage businesses. Not only do we have experience as marketing experts, but each of our team members are entrepreneurs and business owner themselves which brings incredible insights and experience that is rare to find in other marketing agencies.

Why we love NoCo and Loveland

Loveland is where our founders Alex Wells and Bobby Shell first met. Our two founders met at Madwire Media in Loveland in 2014 and since have become great friends, and their families even closer. It only made sense to create our own Loveland Digital Marketing Agency once we grew as leaders and marketers.

Loveland has an incredible community, outdoor activities, food scene, breweries, athletic centers and bike trails that run through and connect the town.

We are also only a skip and a hop away from Fort Collins, Denver, and Boulder which are a complete blast to visit and have incredible communities of their own.

Why Loveland Businesses Choose Imprint Digital

As shared Alex and Bobby met at Madwire. After working together for nearly a decade both of them left Madwire during COVID and set out to blaze a new path and to create a new type of marketing agency. What is interesting is at first, they did not think of starting Imprint.

What happened was older clients of theirs from Madwire started reaching out asking if they still did marketing. Because we left a high-paying job and took a new career path we took on a few clients that needed our help that we really appreciated.

This quickly snowballed and the guys realized they needed to start an agency because their prior clients loved working with them, and the high standards they set for themselves and their team members.

The Future of our Marketing Team in Loveland

We are excited to grow and help more small businesses find success. No contracts, no cancellation fees, and clients have FULL ownership of their data and accounts.

We believe that if you want to work with us you should, if you don’t why should we hold your feet to the fire? There are far too many small businesses out there who would love to work with a passionate team of dedicated marketing experts. There is no reason we should force people to stay working with us due to contracts if it is not a good fit. We don’t want to work with every single business. We want to partner with passionate business owners who align with our principles and ethics.

We are here for you! If we can help grow your local business just give us a shout! We are excited for the opportunity.

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