The internet gives brands the ability to create an inbound strategy. While cold calls and outreach are still prevalent, inbound marketing offers you the ability to strategize so that people can find you when they need your product or solution.

Inbound marketing is simply a planned method for producing useful content that meets the demands of your target markets and fosters lifelong client relationships is called inbound marketing.

Due to the fact that you help them find solutions to their challenges, your clients remain clients. Providing the solutions that your target consumers are looking for is the main goal of inbound marketing.

These solutions can take the form of a variety of content kinds across all your platforms that are created to connect with potential customers at various points in the purchase cycle.

Inbound marketing agencies focus on connecting all forms of marketing to create a holistic and comprehensive inbound strategy. All marketing channels play a role in impacting one another. If that is not considered and strategically approached, incredible opportunities are missed out on. A great inbound agency brings together all channels to create a full-scale marketing strategy.

What are different types of inbound marketing

Inbound marketing is composed of many different content types. Some of the most common inbound marketing content strategies are blog posts, inner pages, video content, social content, webinars, whitepapers (pdf downloads), and PR/News.

Content creators are getting more creative by the day, you don’t have to follow the digital old-school approach to inbound marketing by simply running the above strategies. There are many other creative ways you can get your brand known through viral marketing and real-life engagement. What is most important is getting creative and creating something memorable.

Inbound vs Outbound? Or should you use both?

It is commonly thought that inbound marketing lives in a silo alone. This could not be farther from the truth. The digital marketing landscape is changing and brand awareness along with telling your brand’s story and value in outbound marketing is an incredible tool to generate more inbound traffic and lead flow.

It’s crucial to remember that using inbound marketing as your sole marketing strategy rarely results in the best results. A successful inbound marketing strategy revolves around producing top-notch content that can also be pushed through outbound strategies. Once you have a library of interesting and pertinent material spread across all of your platforms, your audience can find it through search and you can also advertise it if necessary.

The best part of inbound marketing

Inbound marketing creates tremendous value for brands, from increasing brand awareness to generating more leads, to helping you generate reviews quicker by nurturing customers after the sale.

Last but not least, you are able to deliver real-world value to your customers and delight them with a solution. This gives your customers an opportunity to share their experience with friends and family allowing you to serve more of your community locally or nationally. Small businesses are what drive the productivity of our country, playing a role in getting the best solution to those in need should get you excited!

At Imprint Digital we craft inbound strategies for businesses of all types, from SMB’s, to eCommerce, and growth stage organizations. We would be thrilled the ability to partner with you to craft a successful brand strategy and inbound campaign. Give us a shout below, we look forward to chatting.

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