You might be wondering how people find your website when they search online, given the enormous number of companies advertising online. Local marketing is one of the most crucial techniques for being seen among the seemingly limitless list of possible search results. You can eliminate a lot of potential search results that aren’t relevant to the end customer because they don’t provide services in their area with local marketing. So, if your SEO effort isn’t optimizing for local search results, you should reassess your strategy. Take a closer look at why local marketing is so important for your company.

Outranking competition

Unless you’re solely in the ecommerce sector, your location is crucial. Because the majority of your business will come from customers who are physically close to your location, you should only compete with businesses that are also in the neighborhood. To do this, you should employ local marketing methods that draw attention to your business and/or the locations you service.

Some best examples include:

  • Get Local Reviews – use Google Maps, Facebook, and the BBB to get reviews from customers. You can set up tailored email campaigns to automate these efforts saving you time.
  • Geo-fenced Ads – if you are going to run ads alongside your content marketing, set a very intentional zip code or geo-fencing to ensure those who are most qualified and likely to call or visit see your brand.
  • SEO – build content, blogs, and pages that are tailored to the very specific intentions and searches of your customers in your area. If you can rank when they search out their specific needs, you have a great chance of earning their business.
  • Social presence – everyone seems to be addicted to their phones, but more important than simply posting, being responsive to social chats, comments and messaging directed TO YOUR BRAND shows customers you listen and respond in a timely manner! Do not ignore this.

Service-based local search

When someone searches for “roofers in Loveland Co,” they expect to get results for plumbers in the Loveland Northern Colorado region. And Google (or any other search engine) will offer just that. Local marketing helps you land one of these positions in the local pack, which is prominently highlighted at the top of a search engine results page and shows businesses in the area where an individual is searching—either determined by GPS location or a location they’ve typed into the search engine. Results take time, and there are no promises, just like with organic search marketing, but putting in the effort will increase your chances of getting found.

Being ready no matter what

Over the last 10 years we have seen many unexpected things happen that impact our clients. The last 2 years being one of those things. When radical unexpected change comes, your business must be ready with a well-diversified strategy of paid, content, social, email and more. Make sure to focus on all angles of your marketing so that you build a resilient brand and presence online.

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