Remote work and freelance websites like Upwork and Fiverr have to lead to a change in how organizations hire.

Sadly, it is hard to find high-quality top talent to fill specific roles within a company, content creation is one of those roles. Content is the foundation of any brand’s marketing strategy as it impacts all other channels for the brand.

Why are brands leveraging fractional content strategy and fractional marketing services? Today we are going to break that down in detail for you!

Fractional content marketing gives organizations the ability to get the expertise and content writing service from subject matter experts that have the experience and background in executing diverse strategies.

Why would you need a fractional content writer?

The most common question is “Why is a fractional content writer a good fit for me?” Let’s break down some common reasons so that the value of a fractional content writer is clear.

  1. Do you have expertise? If you are not a professional content writer or do not have expertise in this field, you want to hire a fractional content writer who has been vetted and has a high standard of quality and will meet the level of excellence your brand needs. If you are not a content expert, you may struggle to hire the right person.
  2. You need amazing content but can’t afford a team. This is the most common reason many brands hire fractional content writers. It is often best to stay with someone part-time, make sure they are a good fit, then grow that writer’s time invested and role within the company. A great content writer will help scale the business’s ROI through organic and other channels with improvements which then leads to more opportunities to expand and grow.
  3. Needing experts at Content and SEO – the need is more than simply writing content, you likely need an expert in content writing and SEO optimization. No one ever really fell in love with a one-trick pony. Your brand needs someone who has a diverse skillset and who can deliver.
  4. Scalable content strategy – Brands are only as effective as their content marketing efforts last, whether it’s for website material, social media channels, or paid initiatives. Fractional content marketing teams are helping to develop and furnish digital publishing houses as brands carve out their identity as digital publishing houses. Building nurture programs, tying to the underlying technology, and generating processes? It’s part of the fractional marketer’s job description.’

Hiring a content writer simply to hire a writer often does not yield great results. Without a well-crafted strategy, and a long-term vision the fruit of the labor can be lackluster and not worthwhile. It is important to be intentional and strategic with execution so that you have maximum results for your brand.

What to expect when hiring a fractional content writer

So you know why you need a fractional content writer on your team. But let’s break down what the expect when moving forward so that you understand more than simply the value, but the expectations as to what is next.

  1. You get bandwidth back – When hiring a fractional content writer you not only have a professional writer and expert that has been vetted for the position with a track record, but you also get bandwidth back to focus on your business.
  2. Subject matter expertise – A fractional content writer comes in with a unique perspective not only on how to get you ranking and converting, but also with subject matter expertise, and a capability to learn quickly so they can best differentiate your brand and deliver accelerated results compared to a standard content and SEO hire.
  3. Clear strategy and vision – Lastly your fractional content writer will bring in a gameplan, vision, and strategy that will give you clarity and transparency. This does not mean strategy won’t change as the brand grows, but having clear expectations and understanding of what is going on provides peace and insights that are unmatched. Everyone needs and loves communication and transparency.

The Takeaway

There you have it! If you have ever hired the wrong person for a role, just know you are not alone! This is why fractional content writers and fractional CMO services are becoming more and more popular. Brands need dedicated experts with a track record and background that lead to outsized results. Reduce headache and micromanagement, and most importantly, get a partner who will craft a strategy and vision that gets you to the next phase of growth.

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