My partner Alex and I have both been in the digital marketing industry for nearly a decade. At our last agency it was always interesting to me how many clients would come through and say “my nephew can do this for me” or “so and so is willing to do this for (x) cost”. Somehow everyone is a digital marketing expert or is offering digital marketing services.

It’s like when you hear photographers are told “you should do this gig for free, it will be great coverage for you.” Or, contractors who hear, “it won’t take that long to fix, how can it cost that much?”

We have all heard these stories in one way or another from friends who are professionals in their respective industries.

Why there is no shortage of marketing agencies

Once you have been in the industry this long you have seen it all.

  1. The person who takes the online course
  2. The person who does the marketing bootcamp weekend
  3. The person who lost their job and starts an agency
  4. The person who through word of mouth builds a business with family
  5. The person who does 1 thing and only 1 thing (paid, email, social)

And of course, there are more unique cases and stories, but these are just a few.

Long story short, there is absolutely no shortage of digital marketing companies! I know this because before we started Imprint Digital, at our last agency many business owners came through and had a lot of the same stories too, “we got burned by someone trying this” or “I don’t trust ads because of (y) reason”. Rarely was it one story, often there were multiple instances of clients getting burned, having bad communication, or no results. Often the worse case was that they got no communication from their past marketing firm!

With no shortage, comes wide varieties of “quality”

You may have seen those marketers who “guarantee results” or “will get you on page 1 within 30 days” or something else along the lines of a guarantee or promise. This is incredibly hard to do! Often is it not even possible in such a short time frame… It makes you ask and wonder why people make that guarantee?

It comes down to incentives.

The guaranteeing of results in a certain amount of days is often impossible, and can you guess the incentive structure this group operates under? Their thesis is often “if we can keep them for 30-60 days, that gives us time to bring in new clients as we lose this client out the back door.”

This strategy obviously is not sustainable, but if you have ever tried to learn digital marketing yourself, or work in the industry, you have seen COUNTLESS ads like this across youtube, Facebook, and other social channels. Rarely do you see those same faces 3-4 years later? That really tells me this model is not sustainable. This is also why so many people think “if it is that easy, I can do it.” We have a culture of churn and burn in the marketing industry and it is a serious problem.

Welcome Imprint Digital – Fort Collins Digital Marketing Agency

These types of cultures, experiences, and standards are what inspired us to create Imprint Digital.

The majority of businesses in America are small businesses, these businesses are the backbone of our economy and most of the jobs. These experiences I have explained and a passion to help family-owned businesses is what sent us on a relentless mission to be a family-first organization.

We understand the struggle and time it takes to find the right partner, we have heard the stories from past clients and partners, and our family focus is at the heart of partnering and working with you to accomplish your goals.

Our Core Values

Our core values are at the heart of everything we do.

We understand that for small businesses timing is everything and whenever you are in need of digital marketing services we are here to help serve you.

If you would like to chat or learn more, contact us today.

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