Over the last year, I have noticed a breakdown in service for Bitcoin-only companies. While VC investing year over year into crypto is up 89% and large dollars are allocated towards altcoins, Bitcoin companies are lacking in the marketing department.

While the Bitcoin VC management groups are ramping up with investors like Ten31, TVP, Lightning Ventures, Stillmark and more, the talent that can fill the roles needed to create awareness for these newly invested brands is not here. Many Bitcoin companies need to hire frontend or backend engineers and marketing is a role that is filled far later in the organization’s life due to costs.

The problem

Most Bitcoin companies do not need a full-time 40+ hour a week marketer at the very early or stages of the business. Growth stage companies typically need a marketer who is diverse at many areas across paid, social, email, community, events, PR, print, and more.

This gap that companies need to fill in the early stage and the growth stage of growth is where we bring the talent to help support Bitcoin-only companies.

I have seen many Bitcoin companies that make marketing an afterthought because the Founders and tech lead at the company are so focused on product and feature improvements. Marketing is managed part-time for the company and this distracts founders and small teams from doing what they do best, and that is building amazing experiences and products.

The Solution

Realizing this I felt compelled to create a solution. A Bitcoin-only focused marketing team of maximalist and passionate marketers who can help fill this specific role in Bitcoin organizations.

Bitcoin doesn’t need me to succeed. But what Founders and companies need are marketing support and awareness creation at early and growth stages so that potential users and the world can become aware of what sound money is, why “Bitcoin only”, and the impact that Bitcoin will and is currently having on the world.

Alex Wells, CEO, Imprint Digital

If we sound like we could be a fit for serving your business. Reach out below. I would love to help. Just reach out below and I will personally be in touch to discuss how we can help your Bitcoin company grow in awareness and users.

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