Bobby Shell

Do B2C and Local Businesses need the functions of a Fractional CMO?

By Bobby Shell / November 14, 2022

The fractional CMO role has become a fast-growing solution for brands that need an immediate impact and a low-risk hire who can take care of the same tasks that a full-time chief marketing officer would, but on a part-time schedule. Often the fractional CMO is focused on hiring the marketing team, and getting the right…

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The power and advantages of Inbound Marketing

By Bobby Shell / September 21, 2022

Inbound marketing is a standard and necessary procedure for all businesses. The benefits create economies of scale, reduced expenses, and an incredible opportunity to convert high-quality visitors into leads. Inbound marketing at its core is the most resilient and reliable way to build a brand for maximum credibility and trust. The cost-effectiveness of inbound marketing…

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Digital Marketing on a Bitcoin Standard w/ Alex Wells of Imprint Digital

By Bobby Shell / September 12, 2022

Our CEO Alex wells was on the Business Bitcoinization podcast with Joshua Friedeman. They discussed Alex’s Bitcoin journey, resources to learn about Bitcoin, and why the company has made a decision to operate on a Bitcoin Standard. They also discussed further Imprint Digital and its mission, and the story of Imprint becoming a Bitcoin-focused company.

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What is an inbound marketing agency?

By Bobby Shell / August 19, 2022

The internet gives brands the ability to create an inbound strategy. While cold calls and outreach are still prevalent, inbound marketing offers you the ability to strategize so that people can find you when they need your product or solution. Inbound marketing is simply a planned method for producing useful content that meets the demands…

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How many hours does a Fractional CMO work?

By Bobby Shell / August 16, 2022

Fractional CMOs are an in-demand role and a critical player for startups needing short-term marketing strategy and guidance in their growth trajectory. Fractional CMOs are often hired on a part-time basis and do not make the same amounts as the in-house CMO or Marketing Director would for a full work week. Typically a fractional CMO…

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Effectively Cutting Costs on Marketing with a Fractional CMO

By Bobby Shell / July 27, 2022

There are many things in life that are challenging to backtrack on. One common bad decision for businesses is to stop marketing and then lose the lead flow, which can lead to unsustainable sales. Our nation’s leadership is choosing to change the definition of what a recession is as we enter what is historically known…

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Social is the secret to word-of-mouth marketing in a recession

By Bobby Shell / July 26, 2022

Times are changing. One of my good childhood friends, Bob Dylan, put it this way… Come gather ’round peopleWherever you roamAnd admit that the watersAround you have grownAnd accept it that soonYou’ll be drenched to the boneIf your time to you is worth savin’And you better start swimmin’Or you’ll sink like a stoneFor the times…

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What is a fractional marketing team?

By Bobby Shell / July 13, 2022

A fractional marketing team focuses on the areas of your organization where assistance is needed. Depending on the needs of the company, they can serve as a whole marketing department or concentrate on just a few areas, such as site development, creative, GTM (go to market), social strategy, paid, content, and more. These fractional teams’…

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How much does a Fractional CMO cost a business?

By Bobby Shell / July 11, 2022

Depending on your organization’s goals you may want one of the two types of fractional CMOS. 

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What does fractional marketing mean?

By Bobby Shell / July 5, 2022

All marketing teams need leadership. Teams need a framework and direction to not go off course. Hiring a Fractional CMO is imperative for planning, strategy, and execution. The demand for this level of expertise is at an all-time high.

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