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Bitcoin ONLY. No crypto. Industry experts serving start-ups and growth-stage companies.

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Why Choose Imprint Digital

30+ years of marketing experience. Experts in branding, storytelling, content creation, SEO, social growth, email marketing, PR, events and more.

Complete Marketing Strategy

Digital Inbound, Event Marketing, Memes, and more

We accept the corn, we hodl, we mine.

Maximalists who only focus on Bitcoin

Bitcoin Maximalist
Marketing Experts


Building Awareness

Most Bitcoin companies lack basic marketing and awareness. We have strategies and playbooks that get your brand seen, known, and utilized. With a blend of digital marketing, event marketing and PR we work hand in hand with you to develop a marketing plan that fits your needs.


Don't Trust, Verify

No long-term agreements. We believe in transparent, no-hassles relationships that give you the option to leave anytime. We are confident in our abilities to serve you. We are passionate Bitcoiners who are here to serve Bitcoin and your brand's mission. Reach out.


We aren't chasing $

We saw every marketing company targeting crypto, web 3, and alts. We are Bitcoin only. We are not chasing any client in crypto. We are BITCOIN ONLY. We believe purely in Bitcoin as the foundational and sound money of the internet and the world. Stacking sats, humbly.

Core Focuses

Affordable Marketing for Bitcoin Companies

No longer is marketing a late hire for Bitcoin companies. Work with a team of maximalists and experts who know the nuance of the Bitcoin industry and our target markets at these early stages. We DCA, we mine, we run nodes.


Data Driven Growth Strategy

Real growth requires critical thinking and high-quality communication between the Founder and the marketing team. We build long-term strategies that grow users.


NiMble and Adaptable

Choosing services à la carte without committing to a long-term contract, we build a dynamic marketing strategy that caters to your business's needs.


Executive Advisory

Our Advisory program creates stronger focus, alignment, and accountability: positioning marketing to be a strategic partner to sales in driving growth or revenue results.

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Standing Alone?

Founders often simply need support sharing their brand's story, and mission, and getting visibility and support from Bitcoiners. Focus has to go on product and building. We bring the support early on at a low cost. No sick employees, no healthcare to fund, no qualifying and hiring. We bring a strong team of Bitcoin maximalists who crush it at marketing. Reach out and learn more.

Sick of bad options?

We have heard the problem, so we made the solution. There are no great truly Bitcoin-focused marketing agencies or strategists out there who bring holistic solutions in an affordable way with a deep bench of talent. We are Bitcoiners through and through and have attracted a team of Bitcoin-only marketers, content writers, social managers, and PR / Event Marketing experts.

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Join The Team

We are always open to bringing on new talent and Bitcoin Maximalist only focused marketers, content writers, social managers, community managers, PR experts, event marketing experts, and more. If you have the skill Bitcoin companies need, we are building the culture of talent to bring Bitcoin to the next billion people. It starts with awareness and you!

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