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Dustin McCaffry

In any new situation, Dustin strives to be the best student. He has brought this outlook in the completion of his Bachelor’s degree in Finance, his time as a firefighter with Front Range Fire Rescue, and as a Marketing Executive. Throughout his career, he has transformed the phrase ‘in the weeds” into a superpower he wields to provide a dynamic and holistic perspective to marketing strategy. This fusion of finance and marketing makes Dustin an asset as Imprint-Digital’s Marketing Director.

When Dustin is quiet eight out of ten times you can guarantee that invention and innovation are at the forefront of his mind. From small to grand solutions he is always paving a path, testing theories, and working towards solutions that arrive at their full potential.

Dustin thrives in strategic thinking, so it is no surprise that in his spare time he is always looking for a formidable chess opponent. His time outside of work is spent with family, making a mean steak for dinner, and listening to stories of the strange, dark, and mysterious variety.

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